Track and Manage Your Assets

Locate your assets in Google’s Map, Terrain or
Satellite Views

Capture and view historical trip data to monitor
routes, mileage, idle time, average speed and more

Customise the view of your assets on the map
based on Input States (engine on, pump on, etc.) to
quickly identify asset usage or behaviour

Set Movment alerts & recovery mode

Set Movement Alerts to receive push, email, or
SMS notifications if movement is detected.

Quickly switch to Recovery Mode to activate
real-time tracking in case of loss, theft or
unauthorised use.

reporting & alerts for smarter asset management

Explore, customise, schedule and download vital reports
for analysis, optimisation and billing. Select from common
reports such as Asset Utilisation, Trip List, Low Battery,
and Speeding, or create your own

Configure Actionable Alerts

Set notifications based on exceptional events and
specific asset behaviours.

After Hours Movement

Impact Detected

Speeding Alert

SOS / Duress

Set Boundaries and Points of Interest

Create “Digital Boundaries” with user-friendly Geofencing tools

  • Quickly find assets near user-defined Points of Interest
  • Capture data such as Time in Geofence, Date of Entry and Exit,
    and configure alerts if an asset enters or leaves your boundary
  • Upload multiple Geofences with your own longitude, latitude,
    radius and priority data
  • Advanced Geofence Download to Device options to manage
    location-based device behaviours

Visualise Asset Utilisation

Quantify asset working time versus idling time to
improve profitability. Understand where, and how
your assets are being used to optimise usage,
reduce downtime, and increase asset’s useful life.

monitor sensor & asset condition data

Report on sensor and Bluetooth® accessory data such as
temperature, humidity, tank levels, door open/close, and more,
and set threshold alerts.

Pallet 1: Humidity 86%

ELA T Tag: 38°C

Tank Level: 98.6%

configure & manage asset & device health

See “healthy” and “unhealthy” assets at a glance
based on sensor data and user-defined events or
behaviour, such as temperature changes, tank
levels, humidity, pressure, and more.

Ensure your assets are never left unprotected due
to dead batteries with Battery Low and Battery
Critical alerts.

Safety and Compliance

Vehicle, Equipment, and
Fleet Management Solutions

Manage and Monitor Driver ID

Collect and manage Driver ID details via iButton,
RFID, Wiegand and more to prevent unauthorised
access to assets

Permanently assign drivers to assets, or manually
assign drivers to a trip to enhance driver behaviour
monitoring, access control, and log booking

Man Inside Vehicle

Monitor Driver Behaviours

Monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering,
idle times and more to improve driver safety, maintain
compliance, and prevent unnecessary wear on vehicles.

incident detection, alerts & Reporting

Configure SMS, email, and in-platform alerts if assets
exceed a roll-threshold or are involved in an accident
(based on sudden speed changes) to improve safety
and compliance.

schedule preventative maintance & job reminders

Avoid costly repairs and reduce equipment and
vehicle downtime with timely Maintenance
Alerts and Job Reminders based on time,
distance travelled, or run hours.

Create Checklists

Pre-Start Checks, Proof of Delivery, On Hire/Off Hire, and

Checklists in Telematics Guru allow users to customise a
series of questions, or checks, that must be completed by

Checklists can be used in many applications: mandatory
pre-start checks, regular inspections, incident reports,
proof of delivery (using photos), equipment checks, and


Quickly capture maintenance items against your asset
(broken mirror, missing equipment, etc.) to collate and
action repair tasks

Reduce downtime onsite by ordering and efficiently
scheduling required maintenance items

Access entire asset maintenance history for
record keeping and reporting


Safely and remotely disable vehicles or equipment with
One-Touch Immobilisation (requires device with
immobilisation support and installation).

Manage Deliveries and Dispatches

Utilise Destination Dispatching to enable simple transportation, job, or delivery
dispatching to improve driver management, visibility, and productivity.

Capture Expenses On The Go

View all trips and easily mark as “Business” or “Private”
to streamline log booking, Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) and
Road User Charge reporting, or to provide proof of
service for accountability and invoicing.

Select from Fuel, Maintenance, Oil, Parking, and other
categories to maintain an accurate record of expenses
against an asset.

Asset Location Sharing

Quickly create and share a temporary link to a
specific asset or group of assets to external parties
(law enforcement, couriers, and more) without
creating additional logins.