Two way radio’s
Tactical and Backup lights


Streamline Your Fleet Management
With Our All-In-One Platform

Track and optimize your entire fleet – powered or unpowered – using our robust, customizable platform. Monitor asset locations and usage in real time, set up custom alerts and reports, and gain actionable insights to improve fleet utilization. Our enterprise-grade solution helps you manage every asset with ease, efficiency and complete visibility. Take command of your fleet operations on a single unified platform designed to drive performance.

Our Italkptt Guarding dispatch solution

Unlike traditional two-way radios limited by range and reliant on infrastructure, iTALKPTT leverages existing cellular networks and cutting-edge digital technology for clear, reliable communication—anywhere on the planet.

With ICASA approval and no frequency licensing required, iTALKPTT allows seamless, nationwide digital communication without infrastructure investment. Our system roams across cellular networks for continental coverage, GPS tracking, voice dispatch and call recording.

For one fixed monthly fee, enjoy unlimited talk time and national coverage with our intuitive, web-based dispatcher at Ideal for 24/7 contact between control rooms and staff/sites, no matter the location. Make individual, group, and inter-group calls. Program radios over-the-air without office visits.

Our dispatcher also enables geo-fencing alerts when radios leave designated areas. Monitor vehicle routes, speed and location. Remotely disable radios if lost or stolen. All usage data stored on secure servers for easy access.

With iTALKPTT, experience the next generation of two-way radio—clear, reliable, and limitless. The cutting edge of digital communication for ultimate flexibility and control.